By Tony Lovitt

Five Trees
For Mina

For anyone who has loved and lost a pet.

“Five Trees for Mina” is a heartwarming story intended to help children cope with the grief that follows the death of a beloved pet. Mina, a Persian cat, lives with her family for nearly 20 years, but even after she passes, lives on in their hearts forever as the result of a wonderful gift from Mina’s veterinary clinic.

“Five Trees for Mina” is available in softcover ($11.95), hardcover ($24.95) and Kindle e-book ($3.95) versions, both in English and Spanish (“Cinco Arboles para Mina”) on Amazon. For autographed softcover and hardcover books, contact Tony Lovitt:

From the Author

Tony Lovitt

Quite often, a child’s first experience with death and bereavement comes when a beloved pet dies. My motivation for writing “Five Trees for Mina” was to help young readers (and their parents) deal with the loss of a pet – to whatever extent possible. Even as an adult, I found that writing the book was a cathartic and emotional experience that helped ameliorate my own feelings of sadness, loneliness and despair. I hope reading it has the same effect on your child and your family. – Tony Lovitt


Five Trees for Mina

“Five Trees for Mina” is a heartwarming story intended to help children cope with the grief that follows the death of a beloved pet and encourages children and their families to have trees planted to memorialize their pet(s).

Available in softcover, hardcover and e-book.

Cinco Arboles para Mina

Para cualquier persona que haya querido y perdido a una mascota.
“Cinco Arboles para Mina” es un cuento conmovedor de una gata que tuvo un gran impacto en su familia por casi 20 años. Un regalo maravilloso de una veterinaria aseguró que la memoria de Mina viviera para siempre.

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    Thank you for creating a relatable story that strikes a chord for so many of us.

    – L. Morreale

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    Five Trees for Mina is the heartwarming tale of a little cat that made a big impact on her family for nearly 20 years. A wonderful gift from her veterinarian ensured that Mina’s memory would live on forever.

    To learn how you can have trees planted to honor your pet(s), visit:


    “Don’t be ashamed to weep; ’tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers and fruit and trees cannot grow without water.” 

    – Brian Jacques, British author (1939-2011)


    Memories of Mina


    Mina and Shelby